just me being emotional again
hi its me jenny.. disclaimer: i am so emotional on this blog and i say a lot of personal stuff so if i share this blog with you please keep it a secret. i trust everyone that knows about this blog and i love you all so i guess remember that

I think that maybe one day I could come to terms with us never being together but I can never see myself being remotely okay with him being with someone else ever and I hate that I hate it so much

It’s tough talking to someone and being honest like I want to see you let’s hang out soon… And them just being like yeah… literally just yeah it’s yeah. Well fuck u too buddy. jk I love u please love me

excuse me

I am so sick of not being able to tell you that I love you

fuck fuck fuck fUCK

this is probably pathetic but I don’t understand why we aren’t together I don’t get it I don’t know why

my grades are all on the edge of being shitty and I am so stressed. I’m so stressed. I’ll probably get 2 C’s a B and an A if I’m lucky. Or maybe all C’s anything could happen

I love mark oh god

I’m in pain but I’m still really happy. A lot of people were really nice to me and showed me that they care about me and it makes me really happy. I’m happy. HAPPY! God I love you guys! I love you if you’re reading this

Mark was so nice and comforting when I was freaking out about my wisdom teeth surgery thing and everything felt normal again and I love him and I’m happy even though I can’t feel half of my face